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If you have any questions, please contact:

Lai Reed

Assistant Director
[email protected]

Emory Roybal Center Consultation Service Request Form

Emory’s Roybal Center for Dementia Caregiving Mastery provides, on a limited basis, consultation on the development and testing of behavioral interventions aimed at promoting caregiving mastery (self-efficacy) in a variety of caregiving contexts. Please use the link below to provide some basic information and indicate the topic you would like to discuss in a brief (30-minutes) consultation session. We will respond to requests within 5 business days.

Topics include:

  • Listening session to explore an idea for a behavioral intervention
  • Discussion regarding mechanism of behavior change in an intervention
  • Discussion about using Design Studio resources to develop a behavioral intervention
  • Consultation on an issue related to submitting a letter of intent related to the Center’s research funding announcement
  • Consultation on issues related to submitting an invited proposal for a clinical trial supported by the Emory Roybal Center
  • Consultation on “next steps” of completed (or near complete) behavioral intervention clinical trials
    • Supported by the Royal Center
    • Supported by other mechanisms but tied to the Center’s theme