Design Studio

The Center’s Design Studio concept emerges from a paradigm of user-centered design thinking focused on the end user experience.

The studio concept employs a facilitated process of fast-track engagement of appropriate intellectual resources to clarify ideas, starting from whatever their state of development is when they arrive at the studio, and turn them into functional, user-centered products. Design Studio products are expected to be highly competitive pilot project proposals – or even proposals that might be submitted directly for NIH or other funding source review even without further Center support. A design thinking specialist will lead the Design Studio, drawing on the Center leadership team and members of the Center’s Advisory Boards for as-needed assistance with each client. The Center’s design thinking process will assist a researcher to sketch the broad outline of an intervention idea and then present it for review by appropriate members of the Center’s leadership team and Advisory Boards. This critique is structured to expose the intervention idea to divergent thinking and to provoke alternative and even contrary ideas.

Program Director